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Morell Minor Hockey Association Sponsorship

Where Zack got his start in hockey 💙⬇️

Meet the Morell Mustangs U13 team! On April 12, coaches Corey MacEwen, Chris Dunn, and John Dunn, along with team manager Leanne Feehan gratefully accepted a cheque from the My Biggest Fan Foundation on behalf of the Morell Minor Hockey Association.

As a major sponsor, the My Biggest Fan Foundation made rebranding and purchase of new jerseys possible for the MMHA. To present the cheque from MBFF was Juliana MacEwen, President; Jeff Affleck, Vice President; and Kayla Weatherbie, Executive Director.

"This donation means a lot to all of us at MBFF because we are able to come back and support the community where it all started for Zack and Kurtis,” explained Juliana MacEwen. “Both boys started their minor hockey careers in Morell and I couldn't be happier to be able to help them out with these new jerseys.”

Danny Kelly, President of Morell Minor Hockey Association said, "This foundation is doing such great work helping us to do what's important — and that's to keep kids playing hockey.”

“As a coach I'd like to express how thankful I am to the My Biggest Fan Foundation for their sponsorship of our home jerseys,” expressed Corey MacEwen, head coach of Morell U13.

But this meant even more to Corey on a personal level: “I'd like to say how proud I am of the foundation and the hard work of all the individuals involved in honouring Craig's memory and keeping his passion for sport alive,” he said. “It's extra special for me that my son Gavin gets to wear the jersey and represent the My Biggest Fan Foundation in honour of his uncle as they continue to do amazing work trying to ensure all kids get an opportunity to play.”

We are making great things happen 💙

Let’s go Mustangs! 🐎

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